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We are an Architecture and Design studio based in Almora, Uttarakhand. Our studio integrates architecture, interior design, furniture design, urbanism research and sustainability consultations for built spaces.


Our love for mountains and nature, aversion to metropolitan city lives; some opportunities and fluke moments; and passion to design differently led us to establish our studio in a Himalayan village near Almora in 2016.


The practice embraces the use of indigenous materials + techniques to craft contemporary built environments in the mountains. Aware of the sensitive and complex ecosystems in the Himalayas, the studio aims to minimize ecological impact through contextual resource planning for all buildings.


Kshitij Aggarwal

Founder & Principal Architect

Kshitij is a graduate from School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi) and has worked on projects in several Himalayan places such as Gangtok, Shimla, Dharamshala, Almora and surrounding places in the Kumaon region. He lives and works in Uttarakhand since 2014. He is a COA licensed Architect and specializes in hillside built environments. Realising his passion for architecture and the Himalayas, he founded this practice in Almora in early 2016. He is a trained professional in nature based waste-water management and rain-water harvesting solutions. He believes in minimizing the impact on the natural environment while designing for buildings.

Nikita Verma

Co-founder, Architect and Urbanist

Nikita is a graduate in architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi) and holds a Masters in Urbanism from the Bauhaus University in Germany. She has worked in India, Slovenia, Germany, and Spain with several international organizations as an Architect and Urbanist for brief periods before moving to Almora. She has collaborated on several architectural and design projects with Kshitij apart from pursuing urban development research projects and venturing into curating design competitions for students and young professionals. She has assisted and participated in international planning workshops in Russia and France.

Harshvardhan Singh

Junior Architect

Harsh completed his B.Arch from DBSA, Dehradun in 2023. He is deeply interested in traditional architecture, vastu-shastra and their connection with nature. Keen to learn new technologies and typologies through experiments and exploration, he tries to amalgamate traditional and contemporary styles of architecture in design. He likes being in the mountains for its peaceful living.

Bhaskar Bisht

Design Assistant

Bhaskar was a student of DBIT, Dehradun. He did his diploma in Civil Engineering and is passionate about the blend of design and technology. He is keen to learn new things in this field and is interested in on site execution and management. He is always ready to take up any given responsibility. Beside this, he loves to travel and explore and is a photography enthusiast.


Intern Architect

Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, he has a passion for blending practicality with creative design. He finds joy in crafting spaces that draw inspiration from both sustainability and functionality.
Sandeep likes to push his creative boundaries, with the ultimate goal of making a lasting impact through the creation of meaningful and purposeful designs.

Studio Bardo Alumni

Prerana Ghosh | Intern Architect, July 2023-Nov 2023

Om Pawar | Intern Architect, July 2023-Dec 2023

Prachi Ajaniya | Intern Architect, Jan 2023-June 2023

Anmol Raj | Intern Architect, Jan 2023-June 2023

Mayank Saini | Intern Architect, Aug 2022-Dec 2022

Divyansh Soni | Intern Architect, Feb 2022-July 2022

Vaishnavi Shendage | Intern Architect, Nov 2021-May 2022

Yash Parmar | Intern Architect, July 2021-Nov 2021

Radhika Bhamburkar | Intern Architect, July 2021-Nov 2021

Atri Karmakar | Intern Architect, Feb 2021-May 2021

Mohammed Sharoom | Intern Architect, Jun 2020-May 2021

Jatin Kapoor | Intern Architect, Jun 2020-Dec 2020

Purvi Sharma | Intern Architect, Jan 2020-March 2020

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